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Diet Chart

Get your organic balanced diet.

If you want a very better nice diet chart that will help you each day, our hospital has the best balance diet chart for you. 


We provide you with the best natural organic food diet to boost your immune system always.


Body Slimming

Do you want your body to become slim?

Step to Christ Herbal Hospital will give you medicine pure of herbs and within one month, you will become slim as you want without any side effects.



Look no other but Step to Christ Herbal Hospital.

This is the best service we provide as a herbal hospital. 


Some people’s body fails when it comes to drugs, so we provide you with the best way to cure the disease without drugs.


Body and foot massage

With machines and without machines.

If you need a proper smoothy massage, then, Step to Christ Herbal Hospital is for you. 


We have the machine massage which you will be in it for a number of minutes as you want.


And a special hand massage which you will love among all.


Member Discount


We are giving out this percentage to anyone who books or requests our services from our website.


Book now and become a member of Step to Christ Herbal Hospital to enjoy this huge percentage.


Beauty Products

What kind of Product do you want?

Natural beauty products are available in our hospital and it has no side effects when used.


These products will smooth your skin and make it looks very much attractive.

Have a Look at Our

Massage therapy center

You deserve better than a rushed massage by a rookie therapist in a place that makes you feel more stressed.

Water Therapy

 How long can you be in the water?

A very comfortable place for your water therapy as seen in the picture. Starting from 30min and above as you want.

Starting From $50

Stone Therapy

When it comes to stone therapy,

Do you want; a heated one, cold, normal, light-heavy, heavy, extra, black, or white?


Do you want a nurse or a doctor to do it for you or do you want it to be placed on your body for a period of time?


Anyhow you want it, we do it all for you.

Starting From $48

Aroma Therapy

The best perfect one you have ever experienced before.

Step to Christ Herbal Hospital is always the best for you since everything is natural and organic.

Starting From $40

Skin Treatment

Is your skin not smooth enough?

When you step into our hospital, your body becomes our priority to take care of.


Skin rashes, stretch marks, black dots, and many more have taken all over your skin.


Come to Step to Christ Hospital, let us straighten it for you and you will love it.

Starting From $64
Special Offer

15% Off for New Visitors

When you step to Christ, nothing chronic

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